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After some diffing I have found that large ammounts of both articles have been plagarized from several sources.

from the VVAW article:

The veterans, who held 110 purple heart medals between them, had enlisted the help of the aptly named Philadelphia Guerrilla Theater Company and also volunteers from Nurses for Peace to go ahead of the march and plant themselves in the villages and towns along the march route. Sweeping through the rural back countries of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, the vets wore as much of their combat fatigues and battle gear as they had been able to scrape together. Their "infantry company" was realistically armed with toy rifles.

Word for word taken from [1]

On June 1, 1967, the six men gathered in Barry's apartment to form Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Another vet associated with the early days of VVAW is Carl Rogers. Rogers held a press conference upon his return from his Vietnam service as a chaplain's assistant announcing his opposition to the war. Barry recruited him and he later became "vice president" of VVAW. Other early influential members of the group are John Talbot, Art Blank, Steve Greene and Frank (Rocky) Rocks.

Word for word taken from [2]

Dewey Canyon III transcended the Winter Soldier Investigation and any previous VVAW event

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from the Winter Soldier Investigation article

The gathering of testimony had begun under the aegis of CCI the previous summer, and it took almost two months of on-site planning in Detroit to put the conference together.

Word for word taken from: [3]

With legal assistance from the Center for Constitutional Rights they were able to conclude that the armed forces could not try veterans for alleged crimes committed while they were on active duty

Word for word taken from: [4]

Despite this meticulous documentation, many of the Midwest papers, such as the Detroit News, tried to discredit the hearings by questioning the authenticity of the veterans who testified; with all their digging, not one fraudulent veteran was discovered.

Word for word taken from: [5]

There was also a special panel of psychiatrists, several of whom had served in Vietnam, discussing the impact of the war on American society. The first public testimony about the potential toxicity of Agent Orange was given by Dr. Bert Pfeiffer of the University of Montana. Midway through the hearings, the organizers insisted that no one make statements on behalf of the Vietnam veterans except for vets. It was presumed by reporters that this was to separate the participation of veterans from that of people like Mark Lane.

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These are just a few examples , I am sure that after some more digging I could find that most all of the anon uses contributions are plagiarized as well. I would also like to point out that after a cursory glance at The New Soldier, there are also a number of passages taken from that as well. TDC 04:17, Dec 27, 2004 (UTC)